Site specific installation
@ Deep Blue Studios 

2019/11/10 — Objekt, DeForrest Brown, Jr. (live), Roxy Motorola
2019/05/18 — Dream Frequency: Ricky 8, Alo, AVR and Tammy J
2019/05/11 — Call Super, Syd Woz and S.M.P.
2018/12/31 — Local Artist, DJ D.DEE, Syd Woz, and Venetta
2018/12/29 — Drawing Blood (Live), Baby Blue, Pulsum, Lisa Frank, and Strawberry Alex

rgb-laser module
glass prism


Wavelength Dispersion II

(Proof of concept) Site specific lighting installation for BAF’s “The Garage” Street-Facing Exhibition Space

    3 vertically wall mounted RGB laser modules and rotating glass prisms will be pointed at the foot of the garage door and refracted along the walls of the space.
    Since an RGB laser uses three colour wavelengths to generate a single hue, the varying refraction caused by the rotating prism will reveal and disperse the individual wavelengths (Fig.1-6). The hue of the laser beams will shift and fade over time.  Using a haze machine on a digital timer the installation will sustain enough atmosphere to be visible day and night.

fig 1-6

Automated: Control Box

preset automated sequences and manual controls.

Wavelength dispersion

5_16  (2018)
Laser modules
650nm 5mw laser diodes

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