The featured subject matter:

(Selected images subject to change - currently 27 images are transferred to slide - 4 of those displayed hereafter)



Images are taken with a full frame digital camera, transferred to 35mm colour transparency film, and scanned.

Along with introducing aesthetic effects, exposing 35mm fuji RVP100 film to the (originally digital) image files, is (?):


- The reversal of digital perfection

- Revisiting the subject of each image with an unSimulated analog treatement

- A comment on past visual aesthetics of photography

- An exploration and reversal of photographic technology



The scanned slides:


Their original (digital) images:

The Projection:


Considerations for exhibiting

Experimenting with a smoke machine to manipulate the atmosphere that the projection passes through - As a way of altering the viewer's initial exposure to the subject of each image. 


(note: Does the initial experience affect the viewers relationship to the root image?)






Projection and Atmosphere cont'd


If the observer's view is specifically obstructed, the projection (the image) passing through smoke will be stripped of any recognizable context.  Visually reversing the photographic process further - Reducing the image to an impression of light.






transparent / translucent / opaque

When a transparent volume is filled with smoke it creates an instance of isolated atmosphere capable of being visually imprinted by each slides 2D projection - Taking on a three dimensional form. (See parallax in video below)



The amount of smoke introduced to the volume controls the opacity of the atmosphere.

   -Over time the smoke in the volume takes on different textural characteristics - as it blends with the atmosphere of the (initially) empty volume.  


First introduced = textured wisps of smoke  vs.  5/10min of "rest" = "solid" filled in/ opaque.

more opaque = more saturated projection   &   more defined imprint of the 2D image



(varying amounts of smoke/time - depicted below)

Additional thoughts:

-If controlled ventilation/turbulence is introduced, by way of utilizing small fans, one could intentionally manipulate the characteristic of the smoke -  A somewhat (reliable?) customizable 3D canvas for the projection?

-The projector could be put on a timer, thus creating a transition of shape and color between slides