Mural Application 2018


We are Adrian St. Louis & Thomas Nugent. Adrian is a filmmaker and Thomas is a photographer. We both live in Vancouver. First and foremost our intention is to produce palatable art, something that is of aesthetic merit.

We do not have mural experience but our intentions are not in vain. We have been in contact with two former VMF participants, Peter Ricq and Jay Senetchko, who have agreed to help us with any technical issues that may arise on our maiden voyage.


Adrian St.Louis



Thomas Nugent

lightjet C-Print w.Custom frame

30" x 45"

(in collaboration with Myclef Laun)

Published by Portmanteau Books. Launched at Bergen Art
Book Fair, 2017

Available at Zabriskie Buchladen


Flung Razor

(in collaboration with Myclef Laun)


Available at Hordaland Kunstsenter bookshop - Bergen, Norway

Exhibited at Tokyo Art Book Fair 2016 - Thanks to Bergen Zines